Ferdowsi Academic Foundation  tends to perform its best in order to fulfill the objectives set forth in its articles  of association in cooperation with Ferdowsi University of Mashhadtoward qualitative and quantitative improvement of the University as the superior university in national and regional levels 


Friday, 22 June 2018
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The ordinary meeting of the Board of Trustees appoints a natural person as the main inspector and another one as an alternate inspector for a period of one year and re-election inspectors is permissible.

Article 24: Duties and Authorities of Inspectors:

1.      Reviewing all financial documents and papers of the Foundation and reporting them to the General Assembly.

2.      Monitoring the annual report of the Board of Directors including both financial and non-financial reports and preparing reports on performance of the foundation for presenting to the General Assembly.

3.      Making request for establishment of meetings of the board of trustees in case of observing violations of the board of directors from the provisions of the Articles of Association and reporting them to the Board of Trustees.

4.      Performing all duties assigned by the board of trustees.

Note 9: The inspector may attend the meetings of the board of directors without having the right to vote.

Note 10: All financial documents including both financial and non-financial documents of the foundation at any time and unconditionally should be presented to the inspector by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

"Chapter V: Financial Topics"

Article 25: Fiscal Year of the Foundation:

Fiscal Year of the Foundation starts at the beginning of the solar year and ends on 21st of March.